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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

As we all transcend our way through the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pert Air Conditioning have been focusing on how to serve you better by carrying out effective service & maintenance on the air conditioing and other associated equipment at your premises. Below you will find a summary of information that we trust will prove useful.



As more offices and workspaces re-open, Pert Air Conditioning Ltd have resumed full operations including planned service and maintenance visits and are contacting those customers affected by the lockdown to reschedule works accordingly.

We have taken appropriate steps to ensure the working practices for our teams meet all current HVCA Building Industry and Government advice on safe working practices, ensuring we continue to protect you, your working environment, and our teams.

With so much guidance being published on the safe and clean operation of the building air conditioning and ventilation systems which can be difficult to interpret, we have summarised the recommended practical measures to reduce the risk of potential airborne viral transmission.


  1. Secure ventilation of spaces with outdoor air.

  2. Switch ventilation to nominal speed at least 2 hours before the building usage time and switch to lower speed 2 hours after the building usage time.

  3. At nights and weekends, do not switch ventilation off, but keep systems running at lower speed.

  4. Ensure regular airing with windows (even in mechanically ventilated buildings).

  5. Keep toilet ventilation 24/7 in operation.

  6. Avoid open windows in toilets to assure the right direction of ventilation.

  7. Instruct building occupants to flush toilets with closed lid.

  8. Switch air handling units with recirculation to 100% outdoor air.

  9. Inspect heat recovery equipment to be sure that leakages are under control.

  10. Switch fan coils either off or operate so that fans are continuously on.

  11. Do not change heating, cooling and possible humidification set-points.

  12. Do not plan duct cleaning for this period.

  13. Replace central outdoor air and extract air filters as usual, according to maintenance schedule.

  14. Regular filter replacement and maintenance works shall be performed with common protective measures including respiratory protection.

For more detailed information please refer to the REHVA document and web pages below.

The consistent message is that fresh air movement with regular planned equipment maintenance can contribute towards safer working environments helping to prevent the spread of viruses and airborne pollutants.

In environments with minimal fresh air provision, medical grade independent air purification & HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems, designed for airborne virus control and protection can be utilised.

To provide further clarity and guidance for your business, we ask that you contact us and speak to our expert team, to help you determine what steps you may want to consider to ensure your colleagues and customers remain safe and reassured.

Please call 0121 486 4646 or email so that we can help your business adapt to the ‘new normal’ with clarity and without delay.

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