Pert Air can assist you with the new NHS fallow period regulations

Dental practices are facing many challenges while operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. The fallow time, the time between patients, is one of the most significant barriers.


Reports show some private dental practices running at 30-50% of its normal rate.

Understanding the ventilation in a practice's treatment room is crucial to helping Dentists make safe decisions both for employees and the patients.

Current Public Health England guidance for new buildings and major refurbishments specifies that a treatment room should have at least 10 air changes per hour (ACH). Ventilation is important to reduce the risk of aerosol contamination from potential airborne/droplet pathogens in dental settings.

During the months of October and November 2020, Pert Air have supplied over 22 dentist practices in the UK with new ventilation systems helping to reduce fallow times.

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